My Minneapolis/St. Paul office is located within the New Light Center, located near the intersection of I-94 and Hwy-280 on the Minneapolis/St. Paul border.

I offer care for the following concerns:

Gender Concerns For people who have a concern about gender identity or gender expression, therapy can support you as you gain clarity about what options are available and which ones suit you best. For those clear about seeking gender affirming medical procedures, a letter of support from a doctoral-level psychologist can make it easier to access those procedures.

Relationship and Sexual Therapy For people who have a concern about sexuality in their significant relationships or a concern about sexual functioning, therapy can help you identify blocks to healthy sexuality and learn new ways to make sex more satisfying and more integrated with your whole life. At this time, I have openings for individual clients only.

Problem Sexual Behavior (e.g., Compulsive Sexual Behavior, Sex Addiction, or Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior) If you are concerned about a pattern of sexual behavior that is causing problems for you and your relationships in spite of multiple efforts to change, therapy can help you bring your behavior and your values in line with one another.

Kink- Poly- Trans- GLB- and otherwise Queer-aware Therapy Sometimes your sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship configuration is NOT the problem. An aware therapist can prevent unnecessary detours so that therapy stays focused on your needs and therapeutic goals.

General Mental Health Therapy can help with many emotional and behavioral concerns including depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

Your Ideas

I try to make my work relevant to your needs. If you have ideas about services, groups, or workshops that would be helpful to you and others, I would love to hear from you (contact me).